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Land Of The Sleeping Rainbow

Blessings come

Blessings go

My feet still on the ground

No more head in the clouds

Were you a wish?

Were you a star?

Just burning to fade out

The night is long and I doubt

You will chime in

I'll sing you a song

We'll conquer the dawn

Our eyes at play

You'll get your way

We will make love

Be my first sight

In morning light

You're more than enough

But not tonight

Your words are silent

Be as it may

Your plans have changed

But I'm still hanging on

To hope, long gone

I gave you my heart

You have the key

Please show me what to do

For me, and you will

See in your dreams

What we can be

Where we can go

Sharing our laugh

Leaving the past

Taking it slow

Losing the time

Living our truth

Feeling at home

But not tonight

Your touch, so distant

Your love, non-existent

Your words, are silent

Written May 21st, 2021 in Capitol Reef National Park, Utah - USA


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