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A New York Minute

Guten Morgen

Good Afternoon

Buenas Noches

I made it to Bogota on two legs

Three continents like Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

A New York minute across the world

Day break in the Alps

Manhattan rush hour

Finally calling it a day tuckered out under Colombia's quiet stars

Far off countries used to seem like distant planets

In orbit under only their own eyes

But now worlds collide

Swiss Creme con Cafe Colombiano

"Ja" means "Si" but "No" means "No" and sometimes "Nein"

And yet I do this ALL THE TIME

Over exposed I stick my neck out to see the world

And at it's worst it gives me a hickey because it wants to leave it's mark

Written on the flight IAH-BOG 10/22-2017


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